What will we do with your donation?

  1. we can buy consumable for our day-by-day needs, including reagents and advanced tools that we need to perform experiments
  2. we can sponsor a researcher for 1 or 2 years of research
  3. we can purchase sophisticated instruments for analysis

Please click here to donate now and we will give you specific instructions. Most of the fields are optional, in case you wanted to remain anonymous.

"Investing in research always pays back: if not directly to you, maybe to others. If not right now, maybe in the future. If we will not see the direct results of today's research, our kids or the following generations will. Without research our life would be much shorter and painful.

Remember that scientists are searching in the dark. 99.9% of our experiments fail. 99.9% of our hypothesis are wrong. We wish we could eradicate cancer from the face of Earth right now. But the reality is just different and we face it every day. For how much frustrating this is, we keep pushing hard to try to expand our knowledge, because we know that, even if in 99.9% of the cases we will be defeated, that 0.1%, could save millions of lives!

One thought, one idea, one experiment, one more page that we study, one more cent you give us could make the difference!"