What We Do

What We Do
We study how immune cells react to cancer, at the molecular level and with single-cell resolution

We apply cutting-edge technologies and develop new methods to better address the following biological questions:

  1. Why is the immune system unable to eradicate cancer cells?

    Recent progress in immunotherapy shows that our immune system has the potential to fight many types of cancer successfully. We would like to understand why, without our intervention, it is unable to do so. 

  2. How does cancer evade the immune system?

    Cancer cells have the extraordinary ability to adapt to new environments quickly, which includes surviving to any kind of attack from the immune system. We are interested in studying the underlying mechanisms, and to which extent this is an active vs a passive process.

  3. How is gene expression affected by cancer-immune cells interaction?

    When immune and cancer cells interact, their gene expression programs are rewired. We aim at elucidating the mechanisms of gene regulation that lead to functional changes both in cancer and immune cells.

  4. How can we modulate gene expression to restore/achieve effective immune response to cancer cells?

    Our final goal is to find ways to restore the correct gene regulation programs in immune cells, to enhance their function and eradicate cancer cells.