Giulio Prevedello

Giulio is a post-doctoral fellow at Dr. Bava’s lab. After his studies in mathematics (BSc at Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy) and probability in theory (MSc at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France), in 2014 he joined the Hamilton Institute (Maynooth University, IE) to carry out a MSCA-funded PhD in quantitative biology. Under the supervision of Prof. Ken Duffy, and collaborating with Prof. Phil Hodgkin’s lab (Walter Eliza Hall Institute, AU), Giulio developed a mathematical framework for the analysis of T lymphocytes. The data analysed were obtained from a multiplex clonal assay method for single-cells with generational information, based on flow cytometry. In collaboration with Dr. Leila Perié (Institut Curie, FR), this technology has also been applied to study haematopoietic stem cells differentiation.

As a member of Bava’s team, Giulio develops the quantitative aspect of experimental methods (e.g. multiplex imaging, mass cytometry), and performs the statistical analysis on the data in output to study the immune system in cancer settings.

Giulio is quite sociable but cannot speak while cooking. Occasionally, he can be found attending gigs and concerts in Paris, but once a week he turns into a couch potato.