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  • Gene regulation of the immune response to cancer
    Gene regulation of the immune response to cancer
Multiplexed Imaging

Our goal is to add spatial resolution to cytometry-data in order to understand, in a tissue, WHERE immune and cancer cells interact.

We design, develop and apply methods for multiplexed visualization of protein and RNA molecules in tissue sections.

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Multiplexed Cytometry

Our goal is to understand HOW immune and cancer cells interact.

We make use of both flow-cytometry and mass-cytometry.

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Our goal is to understand WHICH molecules are responsible for the immune-system inability to eradicate cancer cells.

We perform RNA-sequencing experiments in sorted populations or single cells.

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Latest news & events
Dr. Bava's latest publication is out on Science! Many RNAs are visualized in intact brain tissues to uncover unexpected cellular states and tissue architecture.

Many thanks to Deisseroth lab for this collaboration!

Caroline Robert lab, Stephan Vagner lab and Alessio Bava lab awarded with a "Melanoma Research Alliance European-led Team award" grant!

This is a fantastic opportunity to team up with world-class experts and give our contribution!

Very, very excited to welcome Lucas Herissant to the lab!

He moved from Stanford University and will be our senior postdoc. We will largely benefit from his experience in single-cell studies!

We are so happy to welcome Anne Reynaud to the team!

She is THE reference for lab managing and technical help. She is already doing a great job: she makes things real!

Bava lab awarded with a grant from DIM-ELICIT "Empowering LIfe sCiences with Innovative Technologies"

We are grateful for this opportunity to develop a technological platform for our studies!

Bava lab awarded with a Bristol-Myers Squibb grant for research in immuno-oncology!

We are so happy to have yet another opportunity to give our contribution to the understanding of the molecular mechanisms that drive the immune response to cancer cells.